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  2. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) reserves the right to amend, adjust, add or remove any of the terms and conditions contained herein, and / or modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Railway Ticket Online Reservation. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) is not required to provide notice before entering any of the above changes and / or modifications into the Railway Ticket Online Reservation.
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  5. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) does not guarantee that Railway Ticket Online Reservations will be error free, free of viruses or other harmful elements.
  6. The terms and conditions of this facility shall be governed and construed in accordance with the internal regulations of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) and the prevailing laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

  1. Required to show the first dose of vaccine card
  2. Not required to show negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test result
  3. Passengers with special health conditions or comorbid diseases that prevent them from receiving vaccinations are exempt from vaccination requirements are required to attach a doctor's certificate from a government hospital stating that the person concerned has not and/or is unable to take part in the covid-19 vaccination;
  4. For travelers under the age of 6 years:
  5. - Not required to show a vaccine card;

    - Not required to show a certificate of negative results from the RT-PCR test or Antigen Rapid Test

    - Allowed to travel with a travel companion who has complied with the provisions for vaccination and Covid-19 examination and applies strict health protocols.


  1. Passenger's body temperature is not more than 37,3-celsius degrees
  2. Passengers are required to wear a 3 (Three) layer cloth mask or medical mask covering the nose, mouth, and chin in the area of departure and arrival stations and when traveling on a train
  3. Changing masks every four hours and disposing of waste masks in the designated area;
  4. Washing hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects touched by other people;
  5. Avoid crowds and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people.
  6. Wearing masks, washing hands with soap in running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, reducing mobility, and avoiding eating together and using hand sanitizers are all mandatory (6M).
  7. It is not permitted to speak in one direction or two directions by telephone or in-person while traveling.
  8. Passengers are required to follow and obey the instructions of the officer, both while at the station and on the train.


  1. Fare is inclusive of insurance coverage.
  2. Passengers aged 3 years or older are subject to adult rates.
  3. The first passanger under the age of 3 years (infant) from one passenger with adult fare if not taking their own seats are free of charge.
  4. Tickets are only valid from the departure station to the arrival station as stated in the ticket.
  5. Passengers who will take two or more trains or have a connecting train should have sufficient time to get into the connecting train. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), PT KAI, is not responsible for passengers? failure in making the connecting train due to the late arrival of the previous train and will not give any compensation.
  6. Tickets are valid if the name and number of the train, the date and time of departure, class and travel relations listed on the ticket are in accordance with the Train is boarded.
  7. Found not to have a valid ticket on the train lowered from the train at the first opportunity.
  8. Ticket cannot be canceled or reschedule, unless other policies are determined by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).
  1. The Railway ticket online reservation facility is only valid for Rail Trips listed in the Railway ticket online reservation system.
  2. Reservation can be made according to the time of each train booking that the company has set up until the train departure schedule.
  3. Payment reservation local train ticket only by electronic wallet (e-wallet).
  4. Payment time limit for online ticket reservation is depending on each selected e-wallet.
  1. Each passenger is allowed a free allowance up to which s/he can carry luggage with him/her in the cabin with a maximum weight of 20 kg and a maximum volume of 100 dm3 (with a maximum dimension of 70 cm x 48 cm x 30 cm) and as many as four baggage items at no additional charge.
  2. Baggage exceeding the weight/size limit referred to in point 1 with a maximum weight of 40 kg or a maximum volume of 200 dm3 (with a maximum dimension of 70 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm) is allowed to be carried into the cabin with additional charges or by buying an extra seat.
  3. The charges for excess and overweight baggage are as follows:
    • Executive Class Train: IDR 10.000,-/kg
    • Business Class Train: IDR 6.000,-/kg
    • Economy Class Train: IDR 2.000,-/kg
  4. Payment for excess and overweight baggage is made at the station.
  5. Baggage that exceeds the weight and / or size as referred to number 2 is not permitted to be carried into the train cabin except manual wheelchairs, baby stroller, walking sticks. Folding bikes with a maximum weight of 20 (twenty) kilograms and diameter of the highest wheels 22 (twenty two) inches, as well as ensuring the condition of folding bicycles do not have the potential to cause damage to the train facilities. Bicycles with types other than folding bicycles, both in assembled conditions and in the form of bicycle components that are packaged in such a way are not allowed to be brought into the passenger cabins or dining carriages.
  6. Sports equipment, musical instruments and certain electronic devices considered appropriate to be taken inside the with the size bigger than what has been referred in number 2, area allowed to be taken on board by purchasing additional seats needed to store the related items mentioned above. In the event that additional seats are not available, those items are prohibited to be taken inside the train cabin. When making additional ticket reservations for the baggage, the passenger should write his/her name on name field and write baggage 1 for first seat, baggage 2 for second seat and so forth on the identity field/column.
  7. The luggage should be put on the shelve above the passenger seat or it should be put on other places so that it will not disturb or endanger other passengers and will not cost any damages to the train.
  8. The Company shall not be liable for damage and/or loss of passenger?s baggage. Every passenger is required to keep watch of his/her own luggage.
  9. Damage to the train resulting from passenger?s baggage shall be the responsibility of the passenger and the passenger shall be required to pay compensation in the amount of the actual loss for the damage.
  10. Items not allowed to be carried in baggage include :
    • Animals or Pets.
    • Narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.
    • Firearms and sharp weapons.
    • Surving Boards.
    • Any flammable/explosive items.
    • Items that have an unpleasant odor, or because of its nature can disrupt/damage the health and comfort of other passengers.
    • Items, which based on the officer?s considerations, cannot be carried in baggage due to their conditions and sizes.
    • Items prohibited by laws.
  11. Passengers with excess or overweight baggage on the train who have not obtained baggage documents will be subject to supplements with the following rates:
    • Executive Class Train IDR 50.000,- / 5 kg
    • Commercial Economy/Business Class Train IDR 30.000,- / 5 kg
    • Non-Commercial Economy Class Train IDR 15.000,- / 5 kg
    • Baggage weight is rounded up at 5 kg
  1. Passengers with infectious diseases or by virtue of the laws are subject to health (quarantine) regulations are not allowed to board the train.
  2. All railway trips include all the area of the train are no smoking, no e-cigarettes and no vapor smoking area. Any passenger caught smoking or vaping on the train will be removed at the nearest stop.