1. You hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Railway Passenger Transportation including without limitation the reservation conditions and will comply with the terms and conditions of the Reservation, including payment, comply with all rules and restrictions regarding fare availability and be responsible for all costs incurred from using the Train Ticket Online Reservation facility.

2. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) has the right at its discretion to change, adjust, add or delete one of the terms and conditions listed here, and/or change, suspend or stop any aspect of the Online Rail Ticket Reservation. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) is not required to provide notification before entering any of the above changes and/or modifications into the Train Ticket Online Reservation.

3. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) will use the personal information that you provide through this facility only for the purpose of reservation and recording of PT Kereta Api Indonesia's (Persero) customer database including but not limited to loyalty program interests.

4. You are not allowed to use this facility for unlawful or prohibited purposes, including but not limited to making unauthorized, speculative, fake or fraudulent reservations or reselling them illegally. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) can cancel or stop the use of this facility at any time without notification if suspected.

5. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) does not guarantee that the Online Rail Ticket Reservation will be error-free, free of viruses or other harmful elements.

6. The terms and conditions for this facility are governed and interpreted in accordance with the internal regulations of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) and the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia.



1. It is recommended that travelers continue to carry out the Covid-19 vaccination until the second booster or fourth dose, especially for people who have a high risk of transmitting Covid-19;

2. Travelers are allowed not to use masks if they are in good health and are not at risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19 and are encouraged to continue using masks that are properly covered if they are unwell or at risk of Covid-19 before and when traveling and activities in public facilities;

3. Travelers are encouraged to carry hand sanitizer and/or use soap and running water to wash their hands regularly, especially if they have been in contact with objects that are used together;

4. For people who are unwell and at risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19, it is recommended to keep their distance or avoid crowds of people to prevent transmission of Covid-19;

5. Travelers are encouraged to keep using the satusehat application to monitor personal health;



1. Each passenger is required to have a ticket

2. The fare is per person per way and includes insurance.

3. Passengers aged 3 years and over are charged an adult fare.

4. Passengers aged under 3 years (infant) to one of the passengers with an adult fare if they do not take their own seat are not subject to duty.

5. The ticket is only valid for transportation from the departure station to the arrival station as stated in the ticket.

6. In the event that a passenger has more than one train ticket (separate ticket) which has the nature of connecting/connecting, the passenger is left behind by the onward train due to the train being boarded previously being late or other reasons, then the onward train ticket is forfeited, there is no refund of duty. Ensure that sufficient time is available.

7. Tickets are valid and valid if the name and number of the train, date and time of departure, class and travel relations listed on the ticket match the train being ridden.

8. If a passenger is found not to have a valid ticket on the train, then the passenger will be taken off the train at the first opportunity and will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the company's rules.

9. Ticketscan canceled or rescheduledin accordance with the applicable provisions.



1. The Train Ticket Online Reservation Facility is only valid for Train Travel listed in the Train Ticket Online Reservation System.

2. Train ticket reservations can be made in accordance with the booking time for each train that has been set by the company until the train departs.

3. Payment for Purchase of Local Train Tickets is only through an electronic wallet (e-wallet).

4. Payment deadlines for online train ticket reservation transactions depend on each e-wallet selected.



1. Each passenger is allowed to bring Baggage onto the Train with a maximum weight for each passenger of 20 kg and with a maximum volume of 100 dm3 (with a maximum dimension of 70 cm x 48 cm x 30 cm), and a maximum of 4 pieces of baggage (baggage items) without being subject to additional duty.

2. Baggage that exceeds the weight and/or size referred to above up to a maximum of 40 kg or with a volume of 200 dm3 (with a maximum dimension of 70 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm), is allowed to be carried on a passenger train subject to excess baggage fees or buying an extra seat.

3. The tariff for excess baggage weight is as follows:

O   Executive Class Train IDR 10,000/kg;

O   Commercial Business/Economy Class Train IDR 6,000/kg;

O   Non-Commercial Economy Class Train IDR 2,000/kg.

4. Baggage payment is made at the station.

5. Baggage that exceeds the weight and/or size referred to in point 2 is not permitted to be brought into the train cabin except for manual wheelchairs, baby strollers, walking aid canes.

6. Bicycle luggage that can be carried directly into the passenger train cabin is a type of folding bicycle with a maximum weight of 20 (twenty) kilograms and a maximum wheel diameter of 22 (twenty two) inches, and ensures that the condition of the folding bicycles does not have the potential to cause damage to the train facilities.

7. Bicycles of a type other than folding bicycles as referred to in point 6, either in assembled condition or in the form of bicycle components packaged in such a way, are not permitted to be brought into the cabin of a passenger train or dining cart.

8. The company is not responsible for damage and/or loss of passenger baggage. Each passenger is required to take care of the baggage he is carrying.

9. Damage to the train caused by the passenger's baggage is the responsibility of the passenger and is required to pay compensation in the amount of the actual loss for the damage referred to.

10. Items that are not allowed to be carried as Baggage include:

O   Animal;

O   Psychotropic Narcotics and other addictive substances;

O   Firearms and sharp weapons;

O   Surfing board;

O   All items that are flammable/explosive;

O   All items that smell bad, fishy or because of their nature can disturb/damage the health and disturb the comfort of other passengers;

O   Goods which, according to the circumstances and size of the officials, are inappropriate to be transported as baggage;

O   Items prohibited by laws and regulations.



1. People who are drunk and people who can disturb or endanger other passengers, people who are infected with infectious diseases or people who by law can be subject to isolation regulations for their health are prohibited from boarding the train

2. All train trips are smoke-free trips, smoking is not permitted throughout the train series, smoking is caught and does not heed the prohibition to be lowered at the first train stop station.